Carlo Jörges

I solve problems with design and code. I have designed products for google and facebook and I enjoy working on personal projects.

Selected projects — Daily planner and tasks tool.

JournaliPersonal project

A simple daily task planner that saves to the user's dropbox. I designed and developed this project in 2017 and learned react along the way. Visit

Google Maps

Google Maps

Product design for Google Maps driving and realtime traffic features, public transit directions and basemap design. Google Maps

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook

Product Design for Workplace, the collaboration platform by Facebook. My focus areas are onboarding and building platform that allows developers and companies to build for Workplace. Workplace Website

Kusami Sketch Plugin

Kusami Sketch PluginPersonal project

A sketch plugin that evenly distributes a set of objects on an Artboard. The resulting pattern repeats seamlessly.

Pulsar Sketch Plugin

PulsarPersonal project

Sketch Plugin that creates line rasters from bitmaps. Inspired by Joy Division's album art for their debut album Unknown Pleasures from 1979. Github

Alarmi — Android Chromecast radio alarm app.

AlarmiPersonal project

Android alarm clock that starts playing internet radio stations on Chromecast devices at a user defined time. I designed the product and developed the app in react native. To be released soon on Google Play.

Logo for Kin Studio, Syracuse

Kin StudioPersonal project

Brand development for architecture studio in Syracuse, New York. Sideproject with Helena Jaramillo. Website


Google Smartwatch

Interaction and product design for Android Wear predecessor by Google in collaboration with Motorola.

Riso prints

Riso printsPersonal project

Ink on paper, various